In StudioKrrusel we are aware of the magnitude that the image of your company has. Therefore we help you to translate the vision you have of your company in a film that meets the highest levels of visual quality.

We do all kind of audiovisual productions aimed to companies: Corporate, Institutional, Advertising, Educational videos, Documentary,…

With offices in Málaga and Madrid, we strategically cover all Spain and we work both nationally and internationally. If your company has branches or need to cover events abroad we also take care of them.

We make your corporate video an interesting product. You can achieve your goals with a production that is attractive for anyone that watch it.

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This is the moment in which the client’s vision is analyzed and we develop an appropriate production design for your project. We proceed to creative scriptwriting and a breakdown of all the technical and human needs is created.

A very good communication with the client is essential in this moment if we want to be able to transfer their vision to the project. We need to understand your company, be part of it during the development of the production.



During the shooting we will capture all the images that are necessary to translate your vision into a high quality product.

Using high definition (HD) cameras with cinematographic quality and several support systems such as steady-cams, dollies, lighting, drone air filming, sound recorders,… and the use of different creative and narrative techniques we’ll make something unique and special of your project.



Once everything has been recorded we need to move into post-production stage. This is the more complex and delicate moment in every production. We need to take care and treat every capture image properly, in order to get the highest quality.

This is the time when finally everything makes sense: rhythm is created, music added, motion graphics and effects, a personality is achieve by treating color properly during the grading… in short, your final movie is shaped.



Of course, before the final delivery we like to make a review with the client. At the end of the day you are the producer of your own film. We want to hear your opinion… Is there anything you don’t like? Would you make any change? Want more emphasis somewhere?

Once the project is approved, we will deliver it in different formats so you can spread both in physical format (DVD, BlueRay, pen drive,…) and through the network.


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In order to simplify the process when budgeting, we have prepared different packages that can provide guidance to our customers.


We do all kind of photography for both digital and print media: web, magazines, editorial, catalogues, advertisement…

  • Corporate and Institutional Photography
  • Advertisement and Commercial Photography
  • Events Photography
  • Arquitecture Photography
  • Products and Catalogue Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Fashion Photography
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