SK Weddings: Destination Wedding Videographers

We have recently opened a new website in English only for our international wedding guests and destination weddings in Spain. The new name is SK Weddings and you can already hire us through it.

While it is true that we already have this website in English, we have taken this determination to facilitate even more the arrival of all those couples who, although they already did it through this web or they will in the future, now it is even easier having a site only for them in English with many of our destination weddings.

In this way we have also included this new link to our vendor profiles in stylemepretty, weddingwire, weddinglovely, bridestory,…

Being a Destination Wedding Videographer

Being Destination wedding videographers in Marbella means a lot to us.

We’ve been working on filmmaking over ten years now, but it wasn’t until three years ago that we decided to start this adventure with our small Destination Wedding Films Company. And by this time we have earned a reputation and admiration by the wedding industry and specialized bloggers that we didn’t expect to happen when we started working on wedding cinematography. But what really matters to us is that in all this time we have made so many couples happy. They who have trusted our work and who we want to thank for choosing us among so many professionals.

In these years we have worked more and more for couples from all around the world. We have filmed English weddings, colorful Indian ceremonies, Arab, American … all so different and so alike at the same time, and this has made us see once again something that we were already certain: love is the most powerful feeling.

For us wedding cinematography is not only to film all those unforgettable moments that occur during the day, but to capture a feeling and, through creative editing, being able to transmit all the beauty, energy and love that are in the environment.

For many wedding videographers make a wedding film means working in a way in which everything has to be perfect, so they plan and repeat each shot until it is as technically perfect as possible. For us perfection is in the immediacy of the moment. It is impossible to repeat the magic, and for that reason we work so we pass unnoticed. Always trying to be invisible to be able to capture the magic of every moment, every smile or every tear.

We love to travel and working as Destination Wedding Videographers has allowed us to go all around. Although we mainly work as videographers in the area of Marbella and Málaga for all those foreign couples who come to celebrate their weddings to the south of Spain, we are always willing to travel outside our borders.

If you want to know a little bit more about us feel free to take a look to our wedding cinematography site or even better, send us an email via our contact form. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

UPDATE: Now, you can also find us on a new site about our job as Destination Wedding Videographers.